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Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2007:

Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2007 finds its basis in the ASTM F 2248 design standard.  The software enables the user to size rectangular laminated glass and insulating glass constructed with at least one laminated glass lite to resist user-specified explosive threats. This software operates in a Windows™ environment.  As an upgraded and revised version of Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2003, BRGD 2007 continues to provide user-friendly input and output and prints detailed reports.




Blast Resistant Glazing Design 2007 User's Manual (pdf)



  • User Input

    • Explosive threat

      • UFC 4-010-01 Explosive Weight I

        • Standoff distance up to 148 ft (45m)

      • UFC 4-010-01 Explosive Weight II

        • Standoff distance up to 82ft (25m)

      • ISA Medium Threat    (GSA Level C)

      • ISA Higher Threat      (GSA Level D)

      • User Defined

        • TNT charge size, 10 lb (4.54 kg) to 2000 lb (907 kg)

        • Standoff distance, ft (m) (varies based on charge Size)

    • Fenestration supported on four sides

      • Rectangular dimensions, in (mm)

      • Desired glazing construction

        • Symmetric laminated glass

          • Annealed

          • Heat strengthened

        • Insulating glass units

          • Monolithic - Laminated (including Annealed and Heat Strengthened)

          • Laminated - Laminated (including Annealed and Heat Strengthened 

  • Calculations and Results

    • Equivalent 3-second Design Loading, psf (kPa)

    • Approximate Maximum Air Blast Pressure, psf (kPa)

    • Nominal glass thickness for single lite or symmetric insulating glass unit design (as selected) necessary to resist the specified explosive threat, in (mm) using ASTM E1300-02

    • Recommended Size of Structural Sealant Bead to attach glazing to frame, in (mm)





Network or Terminal

Initial License

Additional License












*Due to the nature of the network version, we do not offer discounts on the prices.


System Requirements:


Operating Systems:

     Microsoft Windows 95,98,ME  (With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later)

     Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SR 3

     Microsoft Windows 2000

     Microsoft Windows XP

     Microsoft Windows Vista

     Microsoft Windows 7


     Microsoft Windows Server 2000

     Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0

     Microsoft Windows Server 2003



     486 or faster

     16 M ram

     Windows compatible printer




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